Du Parc



Object type: Residences

Offer: According to the Swiss legislation, purchase of real estate in Switzerland is limited for foreign citizens. In the territory of Switzerland there are several areas, that are treated as recreational ameneties. In such areas limited number of shares is given annually. At the moment over half of them is sold, but there are four shares for non-citizens of Switzerland.

Location: Mont Pèlerin, Switzerland

Area: from 200m2 two bedrooms to 690m2 six bedrooms

Project’s advantages: There is no substitute for natural beauty. Fortunate are those who can be surrounded by it in today’s modern world. Without a doubt, one of the most alluring attributes of the Du Parc Kempinski Private Residences is their relationship to the peerless beauty that envelops them. From the dramatic sky scape of the Alps to the picturesque reflections on Lake Geneva, every residence is blessed with spectacular vistas inspiring an uncommon sense of peace and contentment.